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Author: Ann Staadt

“The Light in the Tunnel”

Sallie Bayless flees Chicago and her abusive husband Doug to make a life for her teenage son in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her boss arranges for her to manage a run-down computer store there, and the first person she meets is Will Rivers. He demands that she find his new computer. Will is drawn to Sallie and the attraction is mutual. What’s not to like about a tall, good-looking ranch owner? But she insists she’s still married. While she rejuvenates the store, a drunken Doug tracks the pair down and injures her. Ashamed of himself, he enters rehab. Does Sallie decide she must sever all ties with her husband? Can she let go of her former life and accept Will’s love? Should she give Doug a second chance? Sallie’s future is full of surprises, as she struggles to find a light in her tunnel and leave the past behind.

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