Author: Ann Staadt

“Lily Brightfeather”

Richard and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, we travel often to the southwestern United States. These trips inspired several stories and this tale is about a young native American/Hispanic girl named Lily Brightfeather.

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Lily, a Native American/Hispanic girl has known the hurt and pain caused by incest, drunkenness, and physical abuse. This changes as Lily meets Jay Osborne, an engineer working in the Colorado Mountains, who helps her rescue her sisters and her mother. A court hearing puts her father on probation with the possibility of serving a jail term. The family begins to recover, find jobs, and make a life without their abusive father.

As the family needs her less, Lily slips into a deep depression. Jay insists she have medical attention. He yearns for her to regain her zest for living.

While Lily assists Jay on an engineering job he is seriously injured. Lily gets him medical help and saves his life. Can these lovers build a life together amid the events that stress their relationship?

ISBN: 1-4033-6849-X


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