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Author: Ann Staadt

“The Reluctant Cowboy”

Anita Kinsmore sold her country inn, but the down payment melted away to pay her mother’s medical and funeral expenses. She’s broke, needs a job, and answers an ad for a dude ranch manager in Colorado. The owner wants someone to keep the dudes out of his hair while he works in his veterinary practice. From his voice, Anita pictures Joe Harmon as short and heavy,  wearing run-over cowboy boots. A tall, handsome cowboy meets her at the Denver airport and whisks here off to his ranch. Joe offers her the job, but Anita is heartsick at the state of the guest facilities. He’s reluctant to spend money to upgrade the ranch. She says she can’t take a position she doesn’t believe in. Joe and Anita are attracted to each other, but Joe’s explosive temper drives them apart. First he’s tender, then he’s angry. Can Anita tame this wild cowboy, or should she move on to another job?

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