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Author: Ann Staadt

“Claire in Love”

Claire McNab longs to see a wider world than the one that includes her job as a medical technician in Scotland. Is it love or only friendship she feels for Tor Sandison. He’s pressing her for marriage and she thinks she needs to get away and analyze her feelings for him. Why not go to Nova Scotia and work for her brother, Dr. Tom McNab? It’s an opportunity to to see the world and meet other men. Maybe then she’ll know how she really feels about Tor.

Tor Sandison is a dark brooding man whose intense feelings for Claire spill out of all he does. He’s distraught that she’s leaving him. He begs her to promise that she’ll come back. When she refuses to make such a pledge his emotions threaten to drown him in despair. After Claire has been away for several months, Tor flies to Nova Scotia determined to bring her home.

Mike Yorke, he with the blond ponytail and ear-to-ear grin, falls for Claire McNab the first time he sees her. He’s so enchanted by her auburn hair and hazel eyes that he ditches his date at a dance and attempts to move in on Claire. She’s shocked at his behavior and won’t have anything to do with him. When Mike’s father dies in a weird accident he begins to grow up and accept life’s responsibilities. He finds himself faced with a new career that will change his life.

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