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Author: Ann Staadt

Books in the Works

Like most writers I have books started, stories half written and complete novels waiting to be edited.  Finn, Hollystone Lover is back from the publisher and ready to read.  His is the last book in the Hollystone Hearts trilogy following Hollystone Hearts, Glenna; and Moria at Hollystone House
Let me tell you about Finn.  He's a black haired Irishman with compelling blue eyes, who works in England as a building inspector in the village of Upper Halsey.  It's possible he'll upset Moira when he comes to inspect the work she's done to rehab and decorate an old Dower House on the Hollystone property.  Finn, Hollystone Lover is available now.
It’s been exciting to put books on Kindle. You’ll find Billie Dawn Rides the Range there. Billie, a trained chef who’s down on her luck, takes a job cooking for the wranglers on a ranch in Nebraska.  Quite a come down from the classy little bistro she used to own. The ranch owner is quite the cool guy, but Billie’s still smarting from the way her ex-fiancÚ did her dirty. She has no time for men. Maybe by next year she’ll have her life back in control and be ready to love again.

Coming soon! Next up on Kindle is Raglafart. What the heck is a Raglafart? If you download the book, you’ll soon find out.


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