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Author: Ann Staadt


I’ve always enjoyed writing and studied journalism in high school. I seriously considered a career along those lines until I took a job as a nurse’s aide at our local hospital. Working two summers full time and a winter after school turned me away from writing and I trained to be a registered nurse.

After marrying Richard Staadt, my high school sweetheart, I wrote occasionally.  Perhaps jotting down a poem for someone’s birthday or penning an account of one of our antique car trips. As we became more active in the old car hobby I had the opportunity to write club newsletters.  Later travel guides for car tours kept me working with words.

What opened up writing for me was the purchase of a computer in 1982.  Never would I have had the patience to hammer out book length novels on a typewriter.  Mistakes are my downfall and the computer makes it all so much easier.

When our sons, Dave and Gary, were grown I experienced a mid-life career change and became a landlady.  Running 90 apartment units was more than a full time job.  The many wild experiences with tenants gave me a wealth of material for stories.  When I sold the apartment buildings I began to think about putting my memories of folks like Abie, Grace and old Mr. Brace on paper.  What emerged after an intense three months of writing was a fictionalized version of the days spent dealing with drunks, the mentally ill and the just plain strange.  The Granola Arms, so titled because the buildings were full of fruits, nuts and flakes, waits to be revised and edited.  I’ve learned so much in the years since it was written and perhaps the time has come to bring the story to the light of day and apply some of the knowledge I’ve acquired as a member of the Summit City Scribes and from attending writer’s conferences.

I love to visit England and I’m a fan of British novels.  As you might guess these travels in England inspired me to write the three books in the Hollystone Trilogy.  They are:


Hollystone Hearts, Glenna

Moira at Hollystone House

Finn, Hollystone Lover

Now listing books on Kindle is a way to circulate one’s novels. 


Ann’s books on Kindle

A New Moon for Emily

Claire in Love

Lily Brightfeather

Billie Dawn Rides the Range



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(1914 Fiat, a family favorite)

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