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Author: Ann Staadt


Do you have a Kindle?

Don’t you love how handy it is? You can carry dozens of books in your pocket or purse and always have something to read. You’ll find Several of my books waiting for you and they can be ordered through your Kindle or from Amazon.com. Find Lily Brightfeather, A New Moon for Emily and Claire in Love to download on your Kindle.

Billie Dawn Rides the Range is my newest Kindle book, and here’s your chance to read Billie’s story. She’s a trained chef who’s down on her luck. In desperation she takes a job cooking for the wranglers on a cattle ranch in Nebraska. Quite a comedown from the classy little bistro she used to own. The ranch owner is a cool guy, but Billie’s still smarting from the way her fiancÚ did her dirty. She has no time for men.  Maybe next year she’ll have her life back in control and be ready to love again. 

And watch for Raglafart, coming soon to Kindle. What’s a Raglafart? You’ll find out when you read the book. The story features a pretty blonde, a tall fellow with broad shoulders and a book store.


It’s exciting to have nine books in print with the latest one, 
Finn, Hollystone Lover,
just available.  I hope you enjoy Finn.  He’s part of the Hollystone trilogy along with Moira and Glenna.  You might like all three of the stories.

You can click on the book icons at the left and find out about the rest of my books.  Books are available from Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and PublishAmerica.com.  Book stores  will order them for you as well.

You can order from me directly.  Send a check to: Ann Staadt, 9955 Wayne Trace, Fort Wayne, IN 46816. All books sell for $9.99 . Please include $2.50 for mailing.
Email: annstaadt55@juno.com


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